Training Section

Massed Bands Concert on the Wells Bandstand 2019

The Training section were so excited to be able to entertain the audience at the Massed Bands event on Wells Bandstand this summer.



Christmas Concert

Our marvellous Training Section performed a selection of Christmas songs at the Wells City Band Christmas Concert on Saturday 16th December 2918.  This is a very important occasion for our learners where they can perform in the magnificent surroundings of Wells Town Hall.  Well done everyone!



About the Training Section

Wells City Band is very fortunate to have it’s own training section.
We offer both individual and group tuition from age 8 to 100!

Once the basic few basic notes are learnt we encourage our learners to join in with the training band. Here they begin to understand the basic principles of playing as a group, watching a conductor, all essential skills needed for their progression in to the senior band.

The training section is divided in to two groups, we have the beginners section under the baton of Tanya Climo.  Once an individual has progressed beyond the training group they then become part of the ‘Intermediate Section’  under the baton of John Turner.
The Intermediate section is a stepping stone from a complete beginner to the senior band.

We are very lucky to have some members of our senior band give up their time to help with the training section and pass on their expertise.

If you are keen to learn a brass instrument or perhaps pick it again after a long break please contact us.